So often I have clients show me their family heirlooms which are in need of restoration to make them suitable for daily wear. Let’s face it, jewels are meant to be worn! With my team of restoration experts we can bring your jewel back to its original glory so that it is ready for many more life times of wear. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1. Consultation: Through photos I will be able to evaluation the current condition of your piece and make suggestion on what work needs to be done to restore it.

Step 2. Deposit: In order for us to proceed with restoring your piece I require a 50% non-refundable deposit with remainder paid upon completion prior to shipping.

Step 3. Shipping: Clients pack their jewels to ship directly to my team. You are welcome to ship on your own or I am happy to provide a prepaid fully insured label through my shipping service and add that to the cost of the final payment. Please note that clients are responsible for all shipping to and from my restoration team.

Step 4. Restoration: Through regular photos and/or updates I will keep you informed of progress. Please note that most projects take an average of 4-6 weeks to complete depending on the complexity and extent of the required work. Sometimes protects take longer but I will inform you of any delays.

Step 5. Final Payment: Upon completion of the restoration I require the remainder of the invoice be paid, including return and original shipping if you chose to use my label.

Step 6. Return Shipping: Item will be shipped back to you.

Fill out this form to share the details of your heirloom jewel requiring restoration so we can start the conversation of how to bring it back to life!